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How do the clocks work?
The clocks are designed in Flash and can be embedded in your websites or run on your Desktop. The time shown on your clock will be picked up from the time shown on your local computer.

Make a note of the hand and number style that you want. Also bear in mind how your choice will appear with your image - for example, will you be able to see your chosen hand or number style clearly enough over your background image choice?

When you order a clock, you will be contacted when it is ready and provided with a purchase and download link. You will then receive 3 file versions of the clock in a zip folder: SWF, Windows Projector, and Mac Projector.

Bespoke clocks (with your own image) and using the number and hand style options shown below cost £10.00

(Your own number and hand styles will cost an additional £5.00).

If you want to test that these clocks will run on your computer, you can try one out via these links:

General link for embedding in a web page or running in a browser

PC link for Windows Projector for Desktop use.

link for Mac Projector for Desktop use.

Instructions to download the above files:
right-click and 'save link as' or 'save target as'.
MAC: Command and click.
(If you simply click on the link, a clock will display in your browser, but you won't be able to save it).

Clocks can be resized by you to any size.

hand style 1 number style 1 number style 2 number style 3
number style 4 number style 5 hand style 2

crystal wand style 3
Crystal Wand Hand Style 3